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Recent updates

Version 1.08
-Improved performance -Improved visuals -Removed some bugs...
1 file
Version 1.07 Fix
-Fixed collision in the warehouse -Improved Zombie Movement -Reworked Lighting -Fixed a bug where you couldn't progress to the 2nd level -Improved the Main Men...
1 file
Version 1.06 Big Update!
-Re done Lighting -Re made the levels -Fixed alot of bugs...
1 file
Version 1.05
-Improved Zombie movement -Improved Graphical setting -Improved performance -Fixed collision bugs...
1 file
Version 1.04
-Fixed some collision problems -Improved zombie Tracking and movement -Balanced the guns...
1 file
Version 1.03
-Now you need to find the rifle and the shotgun in the first level -Changed the required kills in the first level from 30 to 40 -Gun balancing...
1 file
Version 1.02 Fix
-Fixed a graphical bug -Fixed the Zombie die animation...
1 file
Zombie First Person Shooter
Version 1.02
-New Level Added -Shotgun Animation Added -Bugs Fixed...
Zombie First Person Shooter
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